Securityaffair: SWAPGS Attack – A new Spectre-V1 attack affects modern chips

Experts discovered a new variant of the Spectre vulnerability (SWAPGS Attack) that affects modern Intel CPUs which leverage speculative-execution, and also some AMD processors.

Experts discovered a new Spectre speculative execution flaw (SWAPGS attack), tracked as CVE-2019-1125, that affects all Modern Intel CPUs and some AMD processors.

The flaw could be exploited by unprivileged local attackers to access sensitive information stored in the operating system privileged kernel memory (i.e. passwords, tokens, and encryption keys).

Speculative execution is a core component of modern microprocessor designed to improve performance, unfortunately, they could lead to information disclosure.

Microsoft July Patch Tuesday security updates addressed a new speculative execution vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-1125, that was reported by experts at Bitdefender.